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About Us

  Raven's Nest Productions (RNP), as it would become, was started in 2001 by Zero Raven. At the time it was known as "Zero's Mods" and was strictly dedicated to Star Wars editing, namely the now classic Dark Forces, Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight, and X-Wing Alliance.
  In 2009, Zero Raven Productions took shape as many new projects for DF2:JK and XWA came to fruition. When the biggest XWA project "The Macross Total Conversion" ceased production, ZRP shifted focus back to DF2:JK primarily.
  In 2010 ZRP expanded to YouTube. Video's consisting mainly of Gameplays and Commentaries were first produced in 2011.
  In 2012 ZRP began using versions of the "Unity Engine" and the GameSalad® designer. In October 2012, ZRP released it's final Mod using the "Zero Raven Productions" moniker, and in August 2013, Raven's Nest Productions finally came to realization with the expansion to stand alone game design and development.

Zero Raven Productions Logo 2012